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Your home is your sanctuary, your happy place, not to mention your biggest asset. And your property works with your home to demonstrate your unique style as you create a beautiful, healthy and tasteful work of living art. Sounds pretty important, right?

We know that you have lots of other things that need your attention. You don’t want to spend all your time thinking about your property, but you want to have confidence that your property is being cared for by professionals who understand the importance of the home. is your number one choice for all of your Ontario landscape and property maintenance needs.

We are a family-run husband and wife team offering St. Catharines landscaping and property services. We have been in business since 2015, but from childhood we have both been working with landscapes and plants.

We are more than just another one of the Niagara landscaping companies – we love landscapes and gardens, we love our work, and we want to help keep your property healthy, flourishing, and truly beautiful.

Ask us about our quiet service option! Our clients know the importance of a well-maintained property and lawn, and they trust us to do it right, in a way that doesn’t interfere with the rest of their life. We work at the times that work for you.

Our specialized quiet equipment option is the perfect choice if you’re working the late shift, have napping children, or any other reason. We don’t need to make a big noise to get your property looking its best – our work speaks for itself loud and clear.

Call us today, we would love to be your St. Catharines landscaping professionals.

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    Care Package

    Our Monthly Care Package Includes

    Lawn Maintenance

    Of course, all of that important work at the start of the season has to be maintained! We don’t just set you up and leave you on your own.

    Our annual package includes weekly grass cutting that will truly make your property stand out.

    Now is the time to look for Niagara landscaping companies, and we trust you’ll see the difference makes.

    Spring Clean Up

    Spring is a season bursting with promise and potential. is your peninsula landscaping professionals.

    We are here to help you cultivate and manage all of that new spring growth to keep your property healthy and beautiful.


    Pruning is necessary for optimal plant, tree and garden growth. It directs energy and nutrients to the most important parts of the plant, resulting in a fuller, healthier bloom.

    Make your peninsula landscaping professionals and watch your property grow full and healthy.

    Edging, Trimming And Weeding

    One of the most important aspects of property maintenance is keeping proper boundaries.

    Just as the right frame highlights a picture, proper edging and trimming keeps your landscape elements in their perfect place, highlighting the natural beauty of your property.

    And proper weeding ensures that the right plants grow strong and healthy.

    When you need professional landscaping in St. Catharines, give a call!

    Rolling, Aerating and Seeding

    The Ontario landscape is significantly affected by Ontario weather, which can be extreme and unpredictable.

    With our lawn care and setup services of rolling, aerating and seeding, can help you achieve a bright, full and healthy lawn, and help you keep it that way.

    Fall Leaf Collection

    We all have a routine to get ready for bed at night – dressing, washing, brushing, etc.

    When the growing season is done, your yard and garden need to be properly put to bed for the season too. A proper fall cleanup sets you up for a great start in the spring.

    Let handle your Niagara Falls landscape fall property cleanup.

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    Our Services

    Beyond regular seasonal property care, we can also help you with your next landscaping project, or help you build a beautiful landscape from scratch. We do so much more than cut grass. Here are some of the other services available to you:


    A garden needs to be planted before it can be maintained. We can help you get this property started!

    From choosing the best plants for your property to laying out the best landscape arrangement, we’ve done it all and would love to help you get your new garden growing.


    A proper layer of mulch helps keep weeds down, as well as moisture in the soil, and also lends a finished look to your landscape.

    We are St. Catharines landscaping professionals and can help you with choosing and laying mulch to protect and beautify your property.

    Sod Installation

    Let us help you develop a brand-new look for your yard! From planning and landscape design to digging, planting and installing, we want to help you turn your property into a work of living art that truly stands out.

    Contact us to learn how to put our experience and expertise to work for you!

    Tree Removal

    One of the keys to a beautiful property and healthy ecosystem is knowing what to leave out. It lets more soil nutrients and light to get to the plants you want to grow.

    We can help get rid of unhelpful, unwanted, old, dead things to make room for new life.

    Stump Grinding

    You want to expand your garden, plant a tree, or just have a smooth, rolling lawn, but there’s an old tree stump in the way?

    Not to worry! We can help get rid of that offending stump.

    An added bonus, by grinding your old stump you turn your problem into an asset by creating helpful mulch.

    Patio, Interlocking, and Retaining Walls

    Not all property care is weeding and gardening. Patio stones, interlock, and other pathway work go a long way towards a finished, sophisticated, and beautiful garden.

    As property specialists who have spent years landscaping in Niagara Falls, we can help you with planning and designing your stone features, as well as installing and repairing your patio stones, retaining walls, interlock, and other stonework.

    Let us help you with product recommendations that will be a perfect fit for your unique property needs.

    Staging Gardens For Events

    A beautiful, cultivated garden is one of the best settings for an outdoor event.

    We do more than install and maintain your garden – we can help you create a beautiful setting for your next wedding, birthday party, or any other event.

    We’ll highlight the best features of your garden to help you host an outdoor event your guests are sure to love.

    Contact us today to ask how we can help beautify your next outdoor occasion.

    Large Scale Property Maintenance

    We have been doing landscaping in St. Catharines for a long time, and we have experience with all types of property.

    From suburban, residential yards to sprawling acres, we have the expertise and experience to handle the largest property maintenance jobs.

    Contact today to find out how we can help you create, maintain, and beautify your property!


    More Than 20 Years of Experience

    Your plants, trees, grass and garden experience every season differently, and need different kinds of treatment depending on the time of year.

    The Niagara Falls landscape is a unique and beautiful part of the world, and we have the specialized expertise and local knowledge to keep your property in top condition. is here for you year-round. Contact us to learn more about an annual contract.

    Let us care for your garden!

    Call us at 289-272-7121 or contact us for your free quote.
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    I want to thank you for the excellent job you’ve done with our lawn. It’s never been greener!
    Janice Kraft
    People often ask me how my garden looks so good. Naturally, I tell them that it is thanks to you.
    Doug Fisher
    My garden is small, but it’s the nicest on the block. It’s like a burst of sunshine every day.
    Lianne Smith
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