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We are proud to lead Niagara landscaping companies in offering quiet, battery powered lawn care and property maintenance services. This new technology has several advantages:

No emissions: Because our battery powered equipment uses no fossil fuels, we can confidently offer a zero-emissions property maintenance service.
Less noise: Perfect for the property owner working the late shift or putting a baby down for a nap. Our quiet equipment won’t disturb you and your neighbours, and will leave you with a Niagara Falls landscape that speaks loud and clear.

Off-grid charging: We charge our equipment batteries off the grid using solar panels. It’s fascinating and exciting to think that our universe provides the power to help us cultivate and care for it.

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    What does it involve?

    We are here for you year-round. We offer monthly care and maintenance options to suit your unique property needs. Our annual care and maintenance package includes the following services:

    Spring cleanup: Spring is the time when we all think about cultivating and beautifying our property. It’s a season bursting with promise and potential. Make Orange your peninsula landscaping professionals, we are here to help you cultivate and manage all of that new spring growth to keep your property healthy and beautiful.

    Edging, trimming, weeding: It’s important to keep proper boundaries on your property. Just as the right frame highlights a picture, proper edging and trimming keeps your landscape elements in their right place, highlighting the natural beauty of your property. And proper weeding ensures that your soil’s nutrients get to the right plants, helping them grow strong and healthy. When you need professional landscaping in St. Catharines, give us a call!

    Rolling, aerating, seeding: The Ontario landscape is significantly affected by Ontario weather, which can be extreme and unpredictable. With our rolling, aerating and seeding services, Orange can help you achieve a bright, full and healthy lawn, and help you keep it that way.

    Weekly grass cutting: Of course, all of that important work at the start of the season has to be maintained! We don’t just set you up and leave you on your own. Our monthly care package includes weekly grass cutting to help make your property stand out. Now is the time to look for Niagara landscaping companies, and we trust you’ll see the difference our service makes.

    Pruning: Pruning is necessary for optimal plant, tree and garden growth. It directs energy and nutrients to the most important parts of the plant, resulting in a fuller, healthier bloom. Make Orange your peninsula landscaping professionals and watch your property grow full and healthy.

    Fall cleanup: At the end of the growing season, your yard and garden need to be winterized to protect the growth so that they can start the next season stronger and healthier. A proper fall cleanup sets you up for a great start in the spring. Let us handle your Niagara Falls landscape fall property cleanup.

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