6 Common Landscaping Errors (and How to Avoid Them)

Avoid these six typical garden design mistakes when planning your landscaping in St. Catharines, Ontario! A beautiful garden requires patience, time, and effort to create. Look no further! We'll help you design a lovely and practical outdoor area with this article.  

However, even the most seasoned gardener can make errors.

1.  Not considering the climate when choosing plants

Gardeners in St. Catharines must consider the climate while planning their landscapes. St. Catharines is within zone 7a, which implies that over the year, the temperature typically varies from-17.8°C to -15°C, according to the Canada Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

As a result, gardeners must select plants that can survive in zones 7 or lower. If not, their plants won't make it through the winter. 

How much sunlight the garden will receive is another factor. While some plants like full sun, others thrive under some shade. The plants that gardeners select must be able to grow in the amount of sunlight that the garden receives.

By considering the climate, gardeners can ensure their garden flourishes with plants that provide a lovely space.

garden design St Catharines - 6 Common Landscaping Errors (and How to Avoid Them) - a garden statue of a boy with a watering can

2.  Failing to create a focal point

A garden should have a central focal point, the basis of the rest of the design. This could be a stunning piece of garden art, a low stone retaining wall, an architectural feature, or a beautiful plant. Without a focal point, a garden can appear undefined and unfinished. 

Furthermore, failing to create a focal point can make it challenging to plan the rest of the garden, as there will be no clear starting point from which to build. 

3.  Not using proper edging for your garden beds

Landscaping your St. Catharines property can be easy as long as you know the basics of landscaping. One of the essential aspects of garden design in St Catharines is choosing the proper edging for your garden beds. 

Edging helps to define garden beds and can also help to prevent weeds from spreading. There are many edgings available, so choosing one that will complement your garden style is crucial. Brick edging is popular for formal gardens, while stone or wood edging can suit informal gardens. 

No matter what kind you choose, make sure to put it in the right way so it will last for years.

4.  Overlooking the importance of mulch

Ignoring the value of mulch can be turn into a big design mistake for your St Catharines property. Gardeners and landscapers in St. Catharines often use mulch to stop weeds from growing, save water, and maintain soil temperature.

Cosmetically, it helps your environment look better overall. Mulch comes in various forms, including organic (such as bark, wood chips, and leaves) and inorganic (rock, gravel).

Your garden's requirements and personal preferences will determine the kind of mulch you select. Whatever type of mulch you choose, spread it out evenly and keep the thickness at 3 to 4 inches (8-10 cm).

Your garden will benefit from all of the mulch's advantages.

garden design St Catharines - 6 Common Landscaping Errors (and How to Avoid Them) - a mini garden pond with a waterfall and rocks backdrop

5.  Not incorporating water features

The presence of a water element can significantly improve the garden's already serene and lovely atmosphere. Running water is believed to be calming and can be used to cover up undesirable sounds from nearby homes or busy streets.

In addition to attracting animals like birds and butterflies, water features can enhance the attractiveness of your garden. However, many gardeners skip including water elements in their plans because they believe they are too expensive or challenging to manage.

In truth, with some preparation, water features can be simple to construct and maintain and provide advantages that make an effort well worth it.

garden design St Catharines - 6 Common Landscaping Errors (and How to Avoid Them) - a garden light on the edge of a raised garden bed made of concrete

6.  Ignoring lighting

Even though it is a crucial element of any landscape design, ignoring good lighting frequently happens. A well-lit garden can draw attention to specific components, feel more attractive at night, and even keep pests away.

It is critical to select the right fixtures for your space from among the many different types of garden lighting that are available. Incandescent bulbs light up a landscape but are economical because they are cheap and give off a warm, friendly light.

However, because of their high energy efficiency and lengthy lifespan, LED lamps are growing in popularity. To choose garden lights that will offer the proper amount of light for your garden, consider the bulbs' wattage, beam angle, and color temperature.


Gardening is a beautiful way to enhance the beauty and value of your house, but it's crucial to avoid frequent blunders that can destroy your landscape.

By following the suggestions in this article, you can create a stunning garden design in St. Catharines that fulfills both aesthetic and functional needs. Go outside and begin your gardening, then!

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