The Benefits of Mulch for Your Garden Beds

Mulch is an excellent item to add to your list of landscaping supplies in St. Catharines. Mulch is a material you layer on top of the soil to improve its quality.

What is mulch, and why should you use it?

Mulch is a landscaping material spread over the surface of the soil. Although mulch can be in the form of inorganic materials like pebbles or gravel, it is most frequently made from organic materials like bark, leaves, and wood chips. 

Mulch helps to suppress weed growth, regulate soil moisture levels, and protect plants from extreme temperatures. Additionally, it can make your yard look more attractive.

Mulch comes in various forms, so choosing one appropriate for your needs is essential. For example, if you are landscaping a garden bed, you might select a mulch designed to improve drainage or one specifically made for use in gardens. 

Apply the type of mulch you choose at the correct depth and reapply it as needed throughout the year. With some care and attention, mulch can help your landscaping look its best.

The benefits of mulch for garden beds

Mulch is one of the most crucial landscaping supplies for protecting and enriching garden beds. It helps to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and protect plants from extreme temperatures. 

Mulch also provides a finished look to landscaping and can be used to add contrast and colour to garden beds. Some common types of mulch include bark, straw, leaves, and compost. When selecting mulch, it's also essential to consider the material's texture, colour, and size. 

Landscapers in St Catharines can help you choose the right mulch for your landscaping project.

The different types of mulch available

When it comes to landscaping, mulch is an essential tool. It can help to regulate soil temperature, prevent weed growth, and even improve the appearance of your garden. How can you choose the best one for your landscaping project?

landscaping supplies st catharines - The Benefits of Mulch for Your Garden Beds - a garden border with pine bark for mulch
Organic Mulch
landscaping supplies st catharines - The Benefits of Mulch for Your Garden Beds - a garden border with landscaping fabric for mulch
Synthetic Mulch
landscaping supplies st catharines - The Benefits of Mulch for Your Garden Beds - a garden border with 2 colors of gravel used as mulch
Inorganic Mulch

Organic Mulch

Gardeners should use organic mulch like wood chips or bark because it helps the soil become healthier as it decomposes.

Inorganic Mulch

Inorganic mulch, such as gravel or stone, doesn't offer the same benefits to the soil as organic mulch but can be a good choice for areas where you want to control weeds or prevent erosion.

Synthetic Mulch

This is a manufactured option that is usually made from plastic. It can effectively control weeds and regulate soil temperature but doesn't offer the same benefits as organic mulch.

Examples are black plastic, red plastic, and landscape fabric.

Applying mulch at the correct depth

For most landscaping jobs, apply mulch at a depth of no more than 3 inches (7.5–10 cm). This will make sure that it effectively manages weeds and controls soil temperature. 

Plastic sheeting can be used as mulch to help keep weeds at bay, but it's essential to use it carefully because it can degrade the quality of the soil if it's left in place for too long.

There is an ideal mulch for any landscaping project you're working on. So do some investigation to find the ideal type for your needs.

How to choose the right mulch for your needs

One of the most valuable and necessary landscaping materials is mulch. But how can you decide which form of mulch is best for your needs when there are so many different kinds available? 

When selecting mulch, bear the following in mind:

  • The first thing to consider is what type of plant life you're hoping to protect. If you're landscaping a garden bed full of delicate flowers, you'll need light and airy mulch so that it doesn't smother the plants. 

On the other hand, you'll need a heavier, more durable mulch if you're trying to keep weeds from taking over your lawn.

  • Take into account the climate as well. You should pick a mulch that won't degrade in the heat. If you reside in a colder region, though, you'll need a mulch that will continue to do its job of keeping your plants safe after the temperature drops.
  • Finally, think about the overall look you're going for in your landscaping. If you want a natural look, choose a mulch made from bark or wood chips. Going for a more polished look? Consider using gravel or stone. And synthetic mulch is always an option if you want something in between.

There is a mulch type that is suitable for whatever kind of landscaping project you are working on. With the information provided in this post, you can find the best mulch. We'll also help you with other landscaping supplies you might need for your St Catharines landscape project.


Mulch is an essential tool for any landscaping project. It can help to regulate soil temperature, prevent weed growth, and even improve the appearance of your garden. Knowing what's suitable for your garden is essential to getting the most out of your mulch.

Now that you know all about mulch, it's time to get out there and start landscaping!

Need help with your landscaping project? Contact Landscaping St Catharines. We provide various services to help you get the most out of your outdoor space. 

Your team at Landscaping St Catharines will be happy to help you choose the right mulch and other landscaping supplies for your needs and even deliver them right to your door. So don't wait; let us help you transform your outdoor space!

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