Landscaping Guide: What Type of Grass Should I Use for My Lawn?

What's a perfect yard without a lush green lawn? With the help of Landscaping St Catharines, you can create the best-looking lawn in your neighbourhood. They will provide the information you need on the type of grass that will suit your climate and location.

But first, let us take a look at the different types of grasses appropriate for your climate and how to maintain them through the seasons.

People forget when planning their garden or yards the type of grass they should use for their lawns.

The grass is a plant that many people don't know too much about. It's easy to forget there are different types, and we usually think the green lawns at parks or on baseball fields look alike! But they're very varied in size, growth speed, and shape.

There are many different types of grass that we find in our lawns that are all very interesting and unique. They come in so many shapes, sizes, colours, and textures! 

Some of these varieties came from the other side of the globe, where they originally started growing. One great example is Zoysia Grass which is native to Asia and a much better-looking type than any others.

These grasses vary in size, growth speed, and shape or colouration for each species- some being a rich green while others are more brownish looking like wiregrass (which grows slower). 

This article will tell you about the types of grasses and the maintenance and upkeep they need for each season.

Warm-Season Grasses

  1. Bermuda Grass
  2. Centipede Grass
  3. St. Augustine Grass
  4. Zoysia Grass

A healthy lawn is a perfect way to bring nature's beauty right into your backyard. 

Bermuda Grass, a warm-season grass, has an attractive growth habit and grows fast in dry climates such as ours!

Centipede Grasses are not only easy on allergy sufferers, but they can also take regular foot traffic without showing any wear or tear.

St. Augustine Grass is a popular choice for those looking to create that lush green look because it does well with moderate water conditions and doesn't require much mowing. 

Zoysia will thrive under most growing circumstances, including high.

Summer Maintenance

  • Water the grass regularly.
  • Aerate the warm-season grass during spring or until mid-spring through early summer. The grasses are actively growing during this time. 
  • Mow the grass according to recommended height but during the hot season, let it grow for at least an inch, then it's the regular height or so to help shade the soil and reduce evaporation.
  • Treat grass disease right away.
  • Remove unwanted weeds and grubs.
  • Fertilize the lawn grass

Fall Maintenance

  • Lawns usually went into dormancy. Water the grasses once a week.
  • Spot and remove those unwanted weeds
  • Mow the grass according to the recommended height length of the type of grass you are using
  • Fertilize the grasses 

Winter Maintenance

  • Spot and remove those unwanted weeds
  • Consider overseeding with Kentucky Bluegrass if your warm-season grass goes dormant. This will help the colour of your lawn to be green again. 
  • If your lawn is dormant, begin watering again in the late winter. 
  • Fertilize your soil
  • Prepare your mower for spring.

Spring Maintenance

  • Water the lawn 
  • Repair if there are visible lawn damages
  • Dethatch and aerate
  • Spot and remove those unwanted weeds
  • Mow the grass according to the recommended height length of the type of grass you are using
  • Fertilize 

Cool-Season Grasses

  1. Fine Fescue Grass
  2. Kentucky Bluegrass
  3. Annual Ryegrass
  4. Rough Bluegrass
  5. Creeping Fescue

Summer Maintenance

  • Mow the grasses according to the recommended height
  • Use the grass clipping as your nutrient source
  • Water the grass once a week
  • Fertilize

Fall Maintenance

  • Dethatch and aerate
  • Overseed to make in green
  • Fertilize
  • Continue watering in the fall
  • Mow the grass according to the recommended height length of the type of grass you are using
  • Mulch 

Winter Maintenance

  • Avoid adding heavy pressure on your lawn to avoid brown patched after winter
  • Prepare your mower for spring

Spring Maintenance

  • Remove the snow covering your lawn
  • Rake your lawn gently during early spring
  • Fertilize your grasses
  • Mow the grass according to the recommended height length of the type of grass you are using
  • Repair the patched and damages present on your lawn. 

Finding the Best Landscapers in St Catharines

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