Colourful Flowers for Your Landscaping Project

Every year, landscaping in St Catharines seems to be gaining more and more momentum. Everyone loves a beautifully landscaped yard. Landscaping is the act of modifying the visible features of an area of land, such as adding or removing trees or bushes. 

A landscape architect plans and designs outdoor spaces that are functional for people who use them. A landscaper executes the design and can help with maintenance requirements after a landscape architect has laid out the initial plans. 

Landscapers typically focus on components such as drainage, paths, walls, decks, driveways, outdoor lighting, and irrigation. Then, there's also the choice of what kinds of plants to include. 

Whether you are landscaping for your home or commercial purposes, you need to ensure a good balance of elements in your design.

In this article, you’ll learn about flowers and how to incorporate them into your landscaping. The vibrant colours will surely turn your yard from drab to fab! 

Here are some flowering plants that you can use in your landscape:


Lavenders are perennials that can be used as landscaping plants for borders or edging. They produce beautiful light purple flowers all summer long and are relatively low maintenance once established. 

Lavender makes an excellent landscaping plant for borders and edging. This perennial can be grown from division, grows up to 3 feet tall, and blooms in lavender flowers throughout the summer.


They are perennials that thrive in mild climates and make excellent landscaping plants because they come in various flower and leaf colours, heights, and sizes. 

They attract butterflies to the garden and can be used as landscaping plants for borders or mass plantings.

Day Lily

Daylilies are versatile plants that can thrive in both full sun and shade. Once established, they're maintenance-free. That makes them one of the best landscaping options for gardeners on a budget. 

You can enjoy beautiful flowers without having to invest heavily into your yard/garden space or hire professionals every time something needs to be done! 

Daylily flower heads will last if you choose not to remove them. Your yard will look amazing and will attract butterflies, too, with this brilliantly colourful bloomer.


Beautiful flowers that come in a range of colours, they need good soil and blooms once or twice a year. This flowering plant is perfect for landscaped beds with partial shade exposure throughout the day, but it does require some good sun exposure to blossom.


These long-stemmed beautiful blooms attract bees to your landscaped yard all summer long. 

This plant needs shade and flowers once or twice a year, but it does require some good sun exposure to bloom. 


These long-stemmed flowers come in various colours and are perfect for planters or landscaped beds with partial sun exposure. 

This plant needs well-drained soil and blooms once or twice a year but does require some shade throughout the day and needs fertilization at least once a year.

Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy is an ever-blooming flower that produces beautiful flowers in many colours. It's best to have some good sunlight but will bloom once or twice a year with regular care and fertiliser application!


Roses are one of the most versatile plants available – landscapers in St Catharines use them for borders, edging, planters, and mass plantings. They come in various flower colours (white, yellow, pink, red). Rose bushes can grow up to 5 feet tall. 

Although roses require quite a lot of maintenance once established, landscapers consider them excellent for landscaping because they produce flowers throughout the summer and usually flowers more than once a year.


Petunias are a type of flower that is available in many colours and shapes. They're great for landscaping because they grow throughout summer (even during fall), attract bees, and tolerate all sorts of weather conditions even at their worst moments.


Poppies follow suit as an excellent choice when considering what plants would work well near homes or buildings; not only do poppies look beautiful, but pollinators love them too, making this plant with multiple purposes.


These beautiful plants come in a variety of flower colours and shapes. They produce flowers throughout the summer (and even during fall) and require very little maintenance once established. 

This plant also acts as an organic mulch in the beds, preventing weeds from overtaking the bed.


Begonias produce beautiful flowers throughout the summer and come in a wide range of colours and sizes. They can be used for borders or mass plantings and require very little maintenance once established.

Hardy Geranium

These flowering plants bloom throughout the summer and come in a variety of colours and sizes. These make excellent landscaping plants because they attract butterflies to the yard and require very little maintenance once established.


Tickseed, as they are commonly known, produces beautiful flowers throughout the summer and comes in a variety of colours and sizes. 

These make excellent landscaping plants in St Catharines because they attract butterflies to the yard and require very little maintenance once established. 

This plant is drought resistant and has a deep root system, making it perfect for beds with drainage issues.


The butterfly magnets produce bright yellow flowers that will attract butterflies to your yard all summer long. If you have beds that are in full sun, this is the plant for you. 

This landscaping plant thrives when planted in straight rows and requires very little maintenance once established.


Sunflowers are an excellent addition to any border. They need full sunlight for the flowers and leaves of this native American herbaceous perennial with seeds that are edible. They have large, lush blooms that make it worth growing as well! 

The yellow petals on sunflower plants also turn beautiful shades during winter, making them perfect decorations around your home come Fall season - if you live somewhere where there's snowfall, then all year round too!


If you want a dazzling show of colours, you'd like to plant this. It attracts butterflies and requires very little maintenance once established, but it does need some shade throughout the day to keep it from wilting on hot days.


Aster is an excellent plant to use in your landscaping because it comes in various colours, and bees like it. It needs to have some sun for part of the day, but it also needs shade.


Peony is a plant that produces large, colourful flowers. You can find these plants in gardens and parks across North America because they are so attractive to bees!

They also grow well with partial shade or sun exposure- although these beautiful blooms will appear their best when grown under trees where it's shady most days of the year.


Hydrangea is an excellent plant for landscaping in St Catharines because not only does it produce beautiful flowers but also butterflies! Hydrangeas need well-drained soil and grow once or twice per year. 

They will bloom in the summertime with part sun exposure to full shade depending on how much of each you have where your home stands. 

This makes them perfect additions to any garden regardless of it's shady or sunny throughout the day. They'll still look good at night, too.


Hollyhock is a beautiful flower that blooms every summer to attract bees and butterflies. It offers many colours, shapes, sizes - you can find one with the perfect look for your garden! 

These landscaping plants grow best in well-drained soil so make sure it's available before planting this herbaceous plant. Consistent watering throughout hot weather months of June through September will help keep them lush green all season long.


Zinnia is a large, colourful plant that produces multiple blooms per season. It prefers well-drained soil with some sun exposure and can grow in part shade throughout the day but needs ample sunlight to thrive! 

Zinnias come in different colours, such as pink or yellow, which attract beautiful butterflies drawn by their nectar.

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