How to Choose a Landscaping Design for Your Home

In this article, you will learn how the fundamentals of your Niagara home style can either help or hinder your landscaping efforts. 

When deciding on a landscape design, it's essential to keep a few things in mind, whether you're just getting started planning your landscaping or well into the process. Do you, for instance, intend to remain in your house for many years? 

Is it important to spend as much time as possible doing something you enjoy? Do trees block most of the sunlight from entering the first floor of your home, or do you have plenty of windows and other openings to let in natural light?

landscaping design

The Style of Your Home

When choosing a landscaping plan for your home in Niagara, one of the most important considerations to take into consideration is your property's architectural style. You want something that will look good with what you have and make it more enjoyable or functional. 

Homeowners have a lot of design choices, and it's important to do some preliminary research to determine which choice will meet your needs best. 

The Classical and Enchanting Formal

A formal landscaping design features manicured and trimmed gardens. The goal of a formal landscape is to present a polished and tidy appearance. You can find boxwood hedges, fountains, and sculptures in many of the most famous places. Traditional European garden styles from the 17th century inspired these stunning landscapes.

The typical layout is symmetrical and uses geometric shapes to establish order. Larger estates often have driveways or paths with both sides lined with trees and bushes.

landscaping design

The Clean & Contemporary Modern Home

Modern landscaping designs are simple. Like other contemporary architectural forms, it has minimal decoration and uses straight lines. There are often sharp corners and hard edges.

The principles of minimalism and simplicity form the basis of contemporary landscape design. Regarding this situation, the adage "less is more" couldn't be more appropriate.

In contemporary gardens, form always follows function. This necessitates a plan from the landscape architect that considers the area's intended functions. Depending on the intended purpose of the yard, this may mean a reduction in the number of ornamental plants and trees in favour of more hardscape features like patios, pools, and pathways.

Rustic or Log Cabin

A native plant garden design goes well with a log cabin or other rustic home with a lot of natural wood inside and out. "Organised chaos" is an apt description of rustic landscapes.

"Rustic", essentially, can also be used as a synonym for "rural" or "from the country" to describe how these designs come from the natural world. 

landscaping design

Rustic landscapes are like nature because they have an open layout and use native plants and shrubs with different textures. They often include edible and wildflower gardens. Curved hardscapes, such as pathways and pool coping, encourage both wandering and slowing down.

Naturalized design is a variation of rustic design. These designs focus on a natural look with native plant choices but take it further. These spaces, which can include pollinator and rain gardens, require little upkeep and are kind to the environment. 

More often than not, these areas are more tranquil and zen, making them perfect for meditation.

All three of these designs aim to create a beautiful outdoor space for people to enjoy, so even though they have different aesthetic priorities, they are complementary.

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