Ways to Keep Your Plants Thriving Between October and April

For your landscaping in St Catharines to be thriving, throughout the colder months, it's crucial to do landscape maintenance. Preparation is key but there are some chore you can do even when it's cold outside! Otherwise, your beloved plants are at risk of dying off. To help keep them alive until the next growing season, try these suggestions.

1.  Bring your plants inside

If it's been a nice, mild winter you can leave your outdoor plants as they are. But if there have been significant snowstorms or dangerous weather conditions, move them indoors to protect them from the cold and damaging winds. You should also bring in any cacti or succulents that could freeze overnight.

Landscaping St Catharines - Ways to Keep Your Plants Thriving Between October and April - cacti and other plants brought indoor (1)

2.  Keep your plants in a room with natural light

If you have no choice but to leave your outdoor plants outside, make sure they're in a spot where they don't get too much shade throughout the day. You can also bring your fall flowering plants like your mums and hydrangeas indoors to ensure they're getting enough warmth — this will also give you more time to enjoy them. 

3.  Use artificial lighting to replace natural light

If you can't bring your plants indoors, use lamps to help them stay alive. Just make sure these lights are close enough for your plants to absorb the necessary amount of light, but not too close as this may burn the leaves.

Landscape Maintenace- Ways to Keep Your Plants Thriving Between October and April - plants under artificial lights

4.  Clean up plant debris

Don't forget to clean up any dead leaves or branches that have fallen off of your plants. This will help them stay alive even longer since they'll have an easier time draining water.

5.  Protect plants from wind and rain

It's best to keep your plants covered with a tarp if there's been a lot of wind and rain throughout the winter months. But make sure you remove the tarp in spring so that they can have proper access to sunlight for at least six hours every day.

6.  Take care of any damaged plant

After a long winter, your plants might have a few leaves that are brown or faded. If the damage is minimal, cut off those branches, and they should recover nicely in time for spring. 

But if the damage is severe, call a landscaper to help you determine whether you can save it or not.

7.  Don't fertilize in winter

If you haven’t fertilized in the fall, winter is not the time to do it.

Wait until the next season, preferably in the spring when plants are waking up hungry for nutrients from dormancy and fall when plants are preparing to go dormant again before the next growing season.

8.  Talk to a professional about ongoing care

If you're still unsure about how to keep your outdoor plants thriving, contact a local landscaper for more helpful advice. Part of their landscape maintenance package might even be able to visit your house during the winter months and check on your plants for you.

To keep landscaping plants thriving from October until the spring, try these 7 helpful hints. Not only will they be healthier when it's time to return them outside, but they'll also provide you with a nice burst of color during the cold winter months.

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