Landscaping in the Niagara Region: 20 Things to Do to Your Yard

Landscapers can bring you some fabulous ideas if you want to give your property in the Niagara region a facelift and make it more presentable. 

Here is a list of twenty things you can do to your outside area to improve its aesthetic appeal.

1. Plant a tree.

Shade, a boost in property value, and the ability to breathe cleaner air are just a few of the many reasons trees are lovely additions to any yard.

2. Grow some grass.

Grass is another living element of your garden that will help draw buyers when it comes time to sell your house. For instance, planting bamboo or hostas is an excellent way to achieve a distinctively different appearance.

3. Build a fence.

Not only can fences help keep children and dogs safe, but they may also define your yard and make your landscape look more appealing to the eye.

4. Plant flowers or vegetables.

landscapers in niagara - 20 Things to Do to Your Yard - a flower garden with yellow rudbeckias and asters in full bloom

Planting flowers and vegetables in several garden beds is a terrific way to give them some life.

5. Build a deck.

Adding another level to your home will give you more space for entertaining. There are also many practical reasons to have decks and pergolas built in your backyard—from giving yourself extra room to relax outside to providing shade.

6. Install a barbeque or fire pit.

During the warmer months, it will be much simpler for you to organize get-togethers if you have an outdoor fireplace, which will allow you to invite your friends over for dinner and make it easier for you to do so.

7. Add some privacy.

Adding a few shrubs is a great way to provide privacy between your home and the street. You can also build fences or plant hedges if searching for something more durable.

landscapers in niagara - 20 Things to Do to Your Yard - a white gazebo nestled among trees in a landscaped area

8. Add a gazebo.

Gazebos might not be an essential part of the landscaping, but they help create more outdoor space. Gazebos can serve as a place to eat, entertain or relax on sunny days.

9. Build a path.

Your property will appear well-kept and inviting if it has a little pathway that some stones or potted plants border. This effect can also accentuate the walkway if illuminated by a few outside lights.

10. Add some lighting in your landscaping.

Adding lights to your home's front entry or along its pathway will make it more appealing and easier for you and your guests to locate your property during the evening hours. These could be solar lights so it would be easier on your utility bill.

11. Install a water feature.

If you want to create something in your yard that will set it apart from the other landscaping in the neighbourhood, you can always build a small fountain or waterfall. You should consider this if you want something that will make your landscaping stand out.

12. Hang some bird feeders.

Having bird feeders in your yard is easy to bring the outdoors closer and attract beautiful birds to enjoy watching.

13. Grow some herbs.

Growing your herbs is easy and cost-effective, so you can easily do it if you want to make your pesto or add some fresh herbs to your supper. Additionally, you can cultivate flowering herbs like lavender, bee balm and chamomile in containers and place them on your patio, deck, or porch.

14. Add some natural elements.

You can achieve a more natural appearance in the yard by scattering a few logs around the space; for an additional spot to sit and unwind, you can even place logs for seating. Adding stones or pebbles in various sizes can also enhance your walkway.

15. Install lighting on your home’s exterior.

Installing accent lighting beneath the soffits of your home is a simple yet effective way to draw attention to the architectural features of the outside of your home. A well-lit appearance can also be achieved in the evening in your home by putting spotlights, lanterns, sconces, and globes on the exterior of your home. This is another option.

16. Add some flowers to your exterior walls.

landscapers in niagara - 20 Things to Do to Your Yard - Wisteria in Bloom climbing an exterior wall

Your home will look livelier and more interesting if you place a few shrubs or plants around its foundation. This will give the appearance of more depth.

17. Turn your backyard into a play area.

Your children will have much more fun in your backyard if you install a slide or a swing set. This is a simple method to make your backyard more inviting for them. It is also much easier to watch them while playing outside.

18. Plant an orchard.

If you have a small space available, you can grow fruit trees and enjoy the delicious fruits they produce. There are a few solutions available if you don't have much room. Apple and pear trees that are potted or espaliered are wise alternatives.

19. Build a pergola.

You may increase your entertaining space by adding a pergola, and you can even have one built that is large enough for your guests to gather in the event of rainfall or excessive heat.

20. Glam up a shed.

Create a space for enjoyment out of something like a shed for storage or a playhouse for kids. It is a fun undertaking. Painting the walls and installing lighting can add much to this fantastic outdoor living area.


If you don't have enough time or resources to finish all of these projects, it is worthwhile to get help from a reputable landscaper for the projects you can choose from this list. However, this list is an excellent place to start if you're searching for suggestions on how to enhance your outdoor living space—and possibly increase the value of your property at the same time.

In Niagara, working with seasoned landscapers is something to consider for completing your project. Niagara landscapers can advise you on which projects are suitable for your present level of experience.

Contact professional landscapers in Niagara today for some needed help with any project from laying sod, planting flowers, mowing grass, or anything else included on this list.

For more information, contact Landscaping St Catharine.

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