Landscaping in St Catharines: Planting in the Fall

If you are a St Catharines landscaping or gardening enthusiast, fall is by far the best season to do landscaping work. Fall planting occurs after most of the leaves have fallen from trees and before spring starts. 

In St Catharines, the best time to plant is typically in the last week of October and the first week of November. This gives new plants a great head start going into winter and becomes established before spring growth begins.

Here are some FAQs about planting (or landscaping) in the fall.

What are the benefits of planting in autumn vs spring?

There are several benefits of landscaping in the fall. 

Fall is one of the best landscaping times to plant trees because their root systems can establish themselves before winter when few plants grow. 

Landscaping-St-Catharines-Landscaping-in-St-Catharines-Planting-in-the-Fall-tree surrounded by fallen leaves.

Fall is also a good landscaping time for planting cold-resistant shrubs and perennials. Cooler weather also makes it easier for landscapers to work in the yard. 

Fall is also an excellent time to plant new lawns if you're starting from scratch. This ensures that the soil has had its cooling down time and after all the work in the summer.

In the fall, landscapers might have to water planted areas more often. Trees and other landscaping plants need enough time to take root.

How do you choose plants that grow well in St Catharines?

Before landscaping, you need to know what will grow in your region. You can do this by checking the hardiness zone map, which is often available with garden centres and nurseries. 

The map divides North America into 11 zones based on how cold each area gets every year. This lists each zone's average annual minimum temperature, along with the plants that do well in each zone.

For example, landscapers in zones 4 and 5 should consider planting trees like the Norway spruce (Picea abies), Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and White spruce (Picea glauca). 

Other good landscaping plants for those zones include azaleas, rhododendrons and lilacs.

What techniques/processes should you use for landscaping (landscaping design)?

Landscaping techniques can vary greatly depending on landscaper values and goals. They also rely on the landscaper's aesthetics, knowledge, available resources, climate, site conditions and client's preferences. 

Create landscaping ideas that are in step with landscaper goals. This will ensure matching materials to design plans that achieve the desired style.

For example, a naturalistic landscape design might use trees, shrubs, and perennials native to the landscaping sites. The landscape plan might replace grass with a natural or semi-natural area of native plants.

How do you protect plants during inclement fall weather in St Catharines?

The plants might need protection with blankets, hay or straw during periods of cold temperatures. Do this in areas that experience freezing during late fall. 

Gardeners should also cover landscapes with mulch in the fall. It will help preserve soil moisture and keep roots cool and moist, preventing plant damage during cold weather.

Knowing what to plant and when to plant it will help landscapers create beautiful landscapes that the whole family will enjoy.

Yes, there are many reasons why fall is an excellent time to plant new lawns, trees and shrubs. But my favourite reason is that fall is a perfect time for planting bulbs. They will grow in winter and bloom in springtime. 

I can while away the dreary winter looking forward to a magnificent display of beautiful daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths around mid-March!

For help with your landscaping, you can call Landscaping St Catharines. It's time to trust the experts to develop a landscaping design that suits both your taste and needs. Visit our website to get more ideas.

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