Professional Landscapers: Keeping Holiday Outdoor Lights Safe

The holiday season is upon us, which means that there are many of us getting into the festive spirit – with the help of professional landscapers! There are Christmas trees, menorahs, candy canes, wreaths - you name it - to put up! But there's one decoration that's still very prominent during the holidays: the light display. 

From your neighbor's house in St Catharines to streets all across Canada, millions of people are lighting up their houses and yards with a spectacular light display.


As you might imagine, this can become a hazard if not done right. If you're planning on putting up holiday lights in your yard, here's how professional landscapers keep it safe:

1.  Use LED lights.

The beauty of LED lights is that they use less energy and create a beautiful appearance for your home. These bulbs also thrive in extreme weather conditions like rain or snow. Buy the outdoor-rated type, and you are good to go!

The non-outdoor grade types will work perfectly well in covered areas like the gazebo or a covered porch.

2.  Put up a light timer. 

Simply put, this is a time-saver! A light timer is a simple and effective way to ensure your lights turn off and on at the right time, reducing any risk of fire.

3.  The longer the string of lights, the thicker it needs to be!

Be wary of cheaply-made lights. If there are too many lights on one thin strand, they might get hot and start a fire.

4.  Make sure all extension cords are rated for outdoor use.

The insulation may get wet outside and break down faster than expected.

5.  Do not overload your electrical system.

Don't use extension cords, or electrical outlets for multiple things at once. This will avoid overloading your electrical system.

6.  In areas where there's a lot of moisture, check the cords regularly for damage

For example, if you live in a place where it rains frequently, you should at least check and make sure you have no water-logged cords. There are special covers for this, but if you don't have them, keep the decorations somewhere safe or covered from rain or snow.

7.  Draped lights or other dangling decorations

Using items like strands of lights and heavy wreaths, fasten them securely so they don't hit someone below!

8.  Check your lights for loose or bare wires.

Make sure you have no frayed cables, broken bulbs, or wires. This is especially important when you have pets or kids wandering around.

9.  Use a GFCI adapter in any plug that's outside.

If you're planning on installing some new outdoor plugs for your holiday lights, then use GFCI adapters in all of them! This will help cut down on power surges and save yourself tons of money down the road.

10. If someone is doing a complicated installation, keep children away from it at all times.

A child could trip or touch something they shouldn't, so stay nearby to ensure everything goes smoothly.

With all these in mind, you should be able to keep yourself and your family safe while enjoying the holidays. There are many ways to keep your holiday lighting safe. From LED lights to GFCI adapters, you can rest assured that your fancy house decorations won't cause a fire this holiday season.

For more landscaping ideas and methods to make your yard stand out, contact the professional landscapers at Landscaping St Catharines. We'll be glad to assist you in making your yard look fantastic!

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