Winter Landscaping Services

With winter fast approaching, many homeowners are scrambling to make sure their lawns are clear of snow buildup or tWith winter fast approaching, many homeowners are scrambling to make sure their lawns are clear of snow buildup or that they’ve signed up for winter landscaping services. However, it is possible to find a landscaping team to handle these chores instead.

That way, you can keep your yard looking its best all year long.

Here are some things that a landscaping company will do that the average homeowner may not have time or knowledge to do themselves.

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Raking Up Leaves in the Fall

After all the beautiful colors have faded away, it is now time to rake them up and haul them away. Landscaping teams are well-equipped with leaf blowers, bags, trucks, and trailers, making this yearly chore quick work.

Snow Removal

Whether it is your driveway, walkway, or even roof that needs clearing of snow, nothing is more miserable than trying to do it yourself. 

You need the right equipment and some expertise on how much snow can accumulate before you put yourself and others in danger. 

Pest Control

The last thing anyone wants is a yard full of bugs. Many homeowners have to hire outside companies just for pest control, as it can be tough to manage from the inside when you sign up with a landscaping team. 

However, they will take care of all those pesky critters that can eat away at your foundation and invite other bugs to take over your yard.


Now that the yard is clear of leaves and snow, it is time to start pruning those bushes, cutting those beautiful fall flowers, and getting your lawn ready for spring. 

All these tasks are part of a landscaping team's responsibilities which means you can spend more time enjoying the yard rather than working in it. 

One of the benefits of a landscaping team is that they own all their tools, such as chainsaws, electric trimmers, hedge clippers, and more.

Outdoor Lighting

Having a landscaping team handle the installation of lights around their house during the holidays can be advantageous. They most likely own all the necessary equipment to do so safely and without damaging your home. 

According to consumer, hiring a professional to do the work ensures that you'll get high-quality results from a service provider who has been appropriately trained.

These winter landscaping services are in addition to general yard maintenance, such as mowing grass, planting new flowers and bushes, or spreading mulch in your garden, which are what you typically hire a landscaping team for. 

Get the most out of your outdoors with a professional landscaping company. Landscaping St Catharines will transform your property into a beautiful, functional space! We provide efficient and cost-effective landscaping services.

Call today to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced professionals.

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